A new knife you can shave with.

March 12, 2015

Hunters Element make a wide range of hunting products, while I was a buzz with the Desolve camouflage clothing range, boots and packs a new knife was one of the later things to try out, I already have a big array of knives, I get to use them almost every day on the farm and while hunting..

The Classic Skinner arrived and I looked over it with a bit of interest, I don’t know a lot about knives but I have had some bad ones over the years, some too heavy, the wrong shape too big too small etc not to mention those knives that just have crappy steel that requires sharpening all the time sometimes half way through the job. I did once throw a knife down the gully out the back of the farm its still there in the bushes somewhere, that was a terrible hunk of plastic and steel–cheap knife cheap result.

The classic skinner came with a bit of an edge that didn’t need much work to make it like a razor, after 10 minutes I was able to take all the hair off my forearm with one stroke, that was a great sign I had something good in my hands and it would prove very useful with a few hunts coming our way.

Ryan turned up and after a few days of hunting managed to get a nice Fallow Buck , Ryan is a butcher by trade so he knows a lot about knives , last time he hunted with us which was four years ago I had a pretty average knife with me–he gave me some serious shit about having one of the worst knives for a hunting guide he had seen and promptly got his out and took over, it was a bit of shame and no he has not let me forget it!. As we walked up to his downed deer and stuffed around taking photo’s etc the conversation soon turned to something like this , “BJ Mate, you got a knife or shall we just use mine again”, it was incredibly timely that I had this skinner in my Contour pack—and as corny as it reads right now I was up for redemption, it was a pleasure gutting and skinning that deer, I didn’t hit my steel for the whole job and gave it back verbally to my Aussie mate (who had actually  forgotten his knife anyway)  .

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