Alex Broad – Trail Camera Excursion

November 12, 2013

Recently we went back into a block we have left alone for the last few months to pick up our trail camera.

The trail camera has been in there since August, over looking a prime feeding area for the small number of red deer that inhabit the block.

It was interesting to review the footage over the previous couple of months and notice the rapid increase in deer activity as the weather warmed slightly and the spring growth started to come away.

The deer are now feeding quite regularly in the area and aren’t afraid to venture out into the fresh grass at just about any time of the day.

We got some great footage of the animals in the area, and even managed to snag this great wee clip of a few young animals playing around and chasing each other, there were a couple of clips like this one over the last few weeks, all filmed early in the morning and always the younger deer.  We would be really keen to hear from any of you who have similar footage captured or just seen deer behaving like this.  This is first time we have captured this on the trail camera and I have never seen wild deer play before, I would be really keen to hear what others have seen.



Red Deer Playing from Robert Wilson on Vimeo.

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