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Andrew Bishop – The Coastal Lagoon

September 06, 2011

High hopes for were set for the next shoot following the mallard massacre on “The Willow Pond.” However with limited (next to zero knowledge of the area, we needed all the help we could get.

The local cocky apparently did a bit of pig hunting, so off to the wholesaler to get a bartering tool it was! A case of Speights later we were invited to shoot a private pond which comprised a man made “U” shape waterway fenced in the farm with a natural coastal lagoon dividing the farm from the sea.

On some vague instructions, the barry crump red Hilux loaded with decoys and layout blinds somehow stumbled upon the piece of water described to us over a few beers. On approach to the waterway we could hear ducks quaking, however it was coming from the coastal lagoon, not the massive man made pond.

Following the cocky’s advise that it shot better at night than morning, the call was made to jump shoot the coastal lagoon and wait for the night shoot, however this would be not be any old jump shoot!

Semis loaded and camera rolling, the three wise men snuck to the edge of the lagoon with hearts in our mouths to how many ducks would be sitting in the lagoon to which we had no idea even how big the lagoon was.

The first few ducks were spooked by our arrival and flew, bang, bang, bang…a serious of rounds were fired and birds were dropping quicker than one punch from Mike Tyson. However this first wave of fifty ducks was only the start!

Once you start you cant stop, birds were getting off in waves of fifty to one hundred! Semis were all unloaded at the mallards as they continued to fall out of sky. Five hundred ducks must have got off the coastal lagoon!

All the boys were speechless as we watched the sky turn black with birds heading out to sea. It looked light a swarm of bees! Luckily we were able to get a quick shot of the swarm….


Yes they are all ducks!
After coming back down to earth from agreeing that was the most ducks we have ever seen let alone shot at, the mission was to find all the birds that were bombed to the ground. We accounted for 12 mallards for all the empty shells lying on the ground.










As the dark set in, along with a frosty due, ducks began to trickle back to the lagoon. With the wise men re-loaded, no duck stood a chance! We took our tally past 20 and called it a night, back to the fire.

Still buzzing from the site of so many ducks, we could only think what might have been if we were perched up in our layout blinds the morning those birds chose the coastal lagoon as their home for the day!

That night we decided to leave the lagoon for another day and try our luck on the river….

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