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Furnace – Ascend Top

April 15, 2012

The Ascend Top is the high-spec fleece top in our Furnace range. The Ascend is made from a combination of AltusTM 225gm micro fleece and high wicking ForceTM 4-way stretch fabric. This garment features a technical semi fitted cut, designed to minimise heat loss and promote maximum wicking ability. Force fabric has been placed in the high sweat areas to increase moisture transfer and decrease garment drying time. AltusTM 225gm micro fleece has been used in strategic areas to maximise warmth. This gives us a top made of high loft fleece for plenty of warmth but also very breathable. The top is what we call a semi fitted cut. This means it is a combination of fairly close fitting to ensure the trapping of warmth the core creates, while loose enough to allow comfort and a full range of movement. It is cut longer that other fleece shirts to prevent riding up with backpack use and stop the cold wind from creeping in. We have incorporated low profile thumb holes in the cuffs to assist with comfort and additional trapping of the warmth and a flat cut zippered chest pocket to secure the usual items such as Binoculars and Ammo. The Ascend Top is not the average fleece jersey. It’s made from a material that actively wicks moister away from the body. It’s very light and packable like many of the products in our range and it holds far more heat than would be expected. If you’re tight on room or weight conscious, the Ascend Top is the first choice for the both the colder and the warmer months.

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