Spring Layering Guide

September 05, 2012

Spring weather can be very changeable throughout the day so it is important to have the right gear to make the hunt more enjoyable.

It’s all about layering! Below is the Hunters Element guide to keeping comfortable this spring.

The mornings tend to be cold and damp so you want to start off wrapped up with the Furnace layer over the top of the Prime Layer. Be ready to shed a few layers as the day heats up. I would be wearing Prime Winter Leggings with a pair of shorts on the bottom and a Prime Winter LS Zip Shirtunder an Ascend Top on top.

Prime Layers


As the sun comes up and things start to heat up, strip off the Furnace Layer and let the Prime Layer wick away the sweat and keep you cool. I’d strip off the Ascend Top and hunt in my leggings, shorts and Shirt.

Furnace Layers

Inevitably at some point the rain will show up. The temperature and humidity tend to stay quite high during the spring months while the rain’s coming down. The Barrier Layer over the top of the Prime Layer should keep you warm and dry. If it was humid enough to not be too cold I would leave my Ascend Top in my bag and just pull out my XTR Xtreme Hunter coat and throw it on to keep out the rain and sweat.

Barrier Layers

In the evening the Furnace Layer can be put back on to keep you warm while glassing those river beds and clearings until last light.

Remember it’s all about layering. The correct layering system saves on weight, bulk and allows you to hunt harder and longer.

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