The long stalked Red stag

May 26, 2015


Having followed this Stag from first light from the valley floor after hearing roars on daybreak. All the way up a thick gully system, passing countless younger stags along the way. I knew if I held out and didn’t rush I would eventually catch him out again.


Contouring a deep gully I was starting to think I had lost my chance at him, my brain thinking had he already passed and went up over the ridge into the neighbours place, had he snuck down below and hiding in the low country. How could a mature stag and 30 odd hinds go missing..


Then I heard a distant clash of antlers followed by the 3 Grunt roar. I knew straight away that was him chasing off a younger deer that was trying to make his way into the herd a few hours before.


Making a beeline straight for him I powered down the hill and up into the head of the system I had soon stalked my way right onto them. First spotting his hinds glassing hard through the trees I soon spotted him. Setting up the camera the stag started to roar.

After deciding he was what I was after I set up my shooting sticks and started to wait, the stag lifted his head and walked out into the open. Releasing the safety off my Sako 85 in 270wsm I rested high shoulder and squeezed off the round.


The stag and hinds bolted about 50 m and looked un hit but I wasn’t sure how could I have missed I quickly chambered again and followed him up as he trotted off he made one more fatal mistake stopping to gather his hinds once more. I sent another 130 Barnes tsx this time hitting the mark and folding the stag in half as he hit the deck. On later inspection I found my first shot hit a low lying branch that I could not see through my scope.


I couldn’t be happier as I had seen this stag make an appearance the week before coming out right on dark with no chance at him. It sure was a good feeling catching up with him for good after a few mixed chances on him

P1130171 P1130125 P1130186 P1130193 IMG_1504 P1130094

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