Two minute pig hunt

October 18, 2012

Last night a mate of mine turned up in his work clothes for a hunt. I’d sent him a text to say that there might be a pig about, so he wasted no time in getting here…straight from work to his kennels, didn’t even take a minute to get changed out of his uniform!


We put collars on the dogs overlooking a gorsey gully, and off they went. Two minutes later they had a boar bailed up, another two minutes later my mate James was down there and had the pig stuck! It did take a bit longer than two minutes to carry it out of that hell hole… but, I’d say we’d have only spent 10 minutes each with it on our backs… so all in all, a damn easy pig-and not a bad one at that!


James with his two minute hog, all thanks to his “best mates”



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