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What’s with this camo pattern?

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 Can you see the hunter in the image above?

Hunting is all about using everything in your power to your advantage - and that's why Hunters Element choose to use Desolve Camouflage patterns. Desolve patterns are different to most camo out there on the market not only in how they look but also because they are based in scientific research.

Traditional "stick and leaves" camo (aka mimicry camo) is designed to look like the area it is used in which makes sense right? Until you think about it from an animal's perspective. Ungulates (hooved animals) have been scientifically proven to see different to humans which means that camo designed to deceive human eyes doesn't actually work for deer and goats. If you think about it they are wired to see movement and as soon as your camouflage of sticks and leaved moves away from the bush that matches that pattern you stick out like a sore thumb.

How do we know it works? For starters the Hunters Element design team are hunters themselves and have tested it thoroughly. Secondly nature proves that it works. Ever seen a tiger or a leopard using branches to sneak up on it's dinner? Thirdly, and the basis of this blog, is that the science proves it.

Ungulates have been proven to have "reduced visual acuity" meaning they see everything with a slightly blurry effect and are also effectively red-green colourblind, seeing the world in shades of brown, grey and blue. Desolve camouflage patterns use a mixture of small and large patterns (micro and macro) to create visual confusion, taking advantage of the ungulates inability to see sharply. The highly contrasting colours add depth to your form and the ungulate simply can't figure out what it is seeing. Desolve patterns don't rely on blending in with the background, they actively confuse your prey so they don't know they are in your sights.

There are 4 patterns that Hunters Element products are available in. The different colours are for personal choice and hunter confidence - the ungulates can't tell the difference between Bare, Veil and Fire but if you have confidence in your gear you will have a much more successful hunt.



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