I was introduced to the great outdoors at the age of 4 by my dad mostly fishing and free diving. At 6 my dad started taking me on hunting trips (hogs & goats), I would tag along with my dad and uncles as they would be packing their 44 & 33 lever action rifles. I knew someday that would be me carrying the rifle and the one to pull the trigger to provide for my family. At 10 the moment arrived for me to be the provider, the hunter. My first weapon was a 270 bolt action with a 3x9 scope. For five years I hunted with a rifle taking many different animals in Hawaii. At 15 my father bought me a recurve bow for my birthday. Game changer! As a kid shooting my recurve bow in the backyard I fell in love with archery and it opened up a whole new world of hunting for me. Archery has taught me to be a better hunter, a better marksman, and to be more patient. It has also taught me to be humble, not only in hunting but in life.


I’m an avid bow hunter who loves to hunt and provide for my family and friends. It’s a way a life here in Hawaii. I am a father to two awesome sons and husband to a wife who bow hunts too. For work I’m a full-time heavy equipment operator and part time hunting guide. My passion is the outdoors.  Ever since being introduced to the sport of archery I never look back I have been an archer for more than 25 + years I have met many many good people made a lot of friends along my archery journey and it is not going to stop anytime soon.

I have accomplish a few things in my life but one of the things that I am most proud of is our archery tournament that we run for our community here in Hawaii. Each tournament we run we raise a substantial  amount of money that we donate to a person in our community with health problems like cancer, diabetes etc. Not only do we raise a bunch of money but we bring the community together as one, showing the kids the ethics of hunting and more.