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I’m now based in Christchurch but have spent most of my hunting career living in Greymouth with a couple of recent years in New Plymouth. I spend a lot of my spare time hunting Red Deer, Chamois and Tahr mainly in the majestic Southern Alps of the South Island.  Hunting didn't come easy for me with my Dad being keen on the outdoors but not really knowing much about hunting.  He had a few keen mates but it took a few years to start to understand the mystical creatures that roamed the hills, and start to become successful.  After many years of learning the art of hunting, I now mainly trophy hunt, with the exception of when the freezer is getting a bit low.  I also get a lot of enjoyment out of filming and photography, as well as the odd trip with the bow and arrow. I love getting out into remote parts of the Southern Alps in search of adventure and trophy animals.


I'm lucky enough to have had some great experiences in the mountains which have resulted in some personal accomplishments such as securing about 10 representative Red Stags from public conservation land including my best, a 305DS 14 pointer, securing a 10" Chamois and a few Bull Tahr in the 13" range. I’ve also secured a 13" Bull Tahr, a Whitetail deer and a Chamois with a bow. Along with this I have also been a writer with a couple of feature series' for Rod & Rifle Magazine.

My Favourite Gear

Pinnacle gaiters - Almost every day that I'm hunting, my Pinnacle Gaiters will be there doing their thing, protecting my legs and keeping shit out of my boots.  I love their close-fitting cut, ease of use, and durable materials.  Everything works as it should and given the amount of abuse they get in the rough, scree, etc they last exceptionally well.

Neck Gaiter - Low tech but underrated, the buff is a crucial bit of kit which provides a breakup of my white face which gets me closer to game, plus provides a surprising amount of warmth.  Works well with beanie or cap.

Element Jacket - when up in the alpine areas the mornings and evening can get very cold, especially when spending lots of time sitting and glassing for animals.  I love the Element Jacket in these situations where I'll usually put it overtop a thermal and sometimes a fleece layer to provide ultimate warmth.  It packs down nice and small and makes a great pillow!

Plateau Packable Pack - For me, I don't want to take a big day pack with me when on multiday hunts for the evening or morning hunt because it's just an extra thing to take.  This is why I love the Plateau.  You can fit it in your pocket, on your belt, and it weighs nothing.  It's big enough to fit enough gear for that evening or morning hunt.  I use it with the Divide Belt Bag.