In 2018 we strategized to reduce our consumption and use of plastic and cardboard to prevent creating 3 Tonne's of waste by the end of December 2018. By June 2020, the total saved amounted to over 14 tonnes of waste damaging our environment.  

We have now implemented Project ZERO. An immediate impact strategy where we have drawn a line in the sand and set a goal to prevent approximately 25 Tonne of waste from going to landfill by 2025. With the support of all of you choosing our products, we hope to be able to smash this goal and be well soon on our way to being carbon neutral by 2030. We no longer follow the standard production and packaging methods to make this a reality. Let’s put a stop to not only tonnes of new plastic and cardboard being produced, but also ending up as waste and entering our oceans and landfills.