Growing up on the farm in the small town of Murchison, with my father, Perry, in the game recovery industry, big game hunting was in my blood. As a child, all I ever wanted to do was fly choppers and hunt big, red stags. I progressed through my early hunting years chasing rabbits, small pigs, goats and anything else I could get close to with my single shot .22. It was pig hunting that became my first real passion. Every spare moment I had I'd be down at our poor old neighbours pestering him to take the dogs out. It wasn't until I left high school and was invited on a trip down to the mighty West Coast to chase high country stags, that I finally found my true calling. The Coast has now become an annual hunting trip and after 18 years I'm starting to get a few rewards.


Trying to juggle a professional rugby career and trophy hunting has been one of my greatest achievements. Annually sifting through the calendar trying to make ballot blocks, Red Stag roars, Sika ruts and the Tahr ruts work is a headache I could do without. I have been lucky enough to hunt South African plains game whilst on rugby tours over the past 13 years and for that I am truely grateful. I have managed some great trophies including Kudu, Impala , Springbok, Gemsbok and Warthog. Back here in NZ I have put in some hard yards and been rewarded with some beauty trophies including two great Red Stags which are my most prized possessions. One from the great Otago herd, the other from the Wairarapa herd. I've recently taken up the challenge of bow hunting which has really put the lead back in my pencil, so to speak. I'm currently plotting a Tahr bow hunt with the legend Cody "That's Money" Weller and fellow Pro Team member, Andy.

My Favourite Gear

I've been really impressed with the new Crux top. I've given this thing is a real hammering over summer and it hasn't missed a beat. It keeps you cool and protects you from the elements at the same time, even in the harshest environments. Matched up with the Superlite Trousers and a Boonie hat you're ready to take on some tops hunting in the hottest of summers. The new Odyssey rain gear is also absolutely awesome in the wet, winter periods.