Hunters Element uses reliable and efficient carriers to make sure that your order is delivered to you quickly and safely.


Delivery Method
Once your order leaves the warehouse, it is placed into the hands of our trusted carrier to be safely shipped to your location. Your order will arrive at your door using the method below:

International Courier: Delivers in 3 - 6 business days with tracking capabilities

International Economy Air: Delivers in 7 - 15 business days with no tracking capabilities

Delivery Cost
The delivery cost of each individual order is calculated by the weight, volume and destination of the items ordered. The cost will be calculated at the checkout after you fill in your delivery details and before the purchase can be made.

Free Delivery Promotion
During a Free Delivery  promotion, any order of any size or price will have the delivery cost of the 'International Economy Air' option reduced to zero for the stated period of time. Other delivery options will be charged at their usual cost.


What’s Next?
Once your order has been placed, we will provide you information on your order by email through a receipt and confirmation of purchase. This email will provide you with a summary of your order, detailing the cost of each item ordered and the cost ofdelivery. The email will also provide the details that you were required to enter at the checkout, including yourdelivery address, billing address and personal details.

A Delivery Notification email will then be sent when the item leaves our warehouse. This email will state the order details, carriers name, the tracking number and capabilities if applicable for the selected service and expected dates for the order to arrive.



Questions?  Get in touch via ourContact page and we'll help you out!