At Hunters Element we hunt in the North Island bush and central North Island tops, and chase Tahr in New Zealand's South Island and Australia's Victorian high country.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that there are no trees, sticks and twigs on the tops in the North Island and in the South Island mountains. So rather than trying to convince ourselves, and our customers, that these photos of sticks and twigs on our camouflage are logical, we decided to review what we thought a camouflage pattern should do.

In 2013 we started down a new road in pursuit of developing the ultimate hunting kit with the development of the Desolve range of camouflage patterns. We needed a camo pattern that would be effective across all terrain types. We spent hundreds of hours researching and learning about how animal vision works and what they see. Once we understood animal vision, we then set out to develop a camouflage pattern that creates a visual noise to make you nothing!

By making you ‘a nothing’, Desolve Veil is the only camouflage that works seamlessly across all environments.